I hate it


when you’re in a rebound relationship,
and you forget,
and you think it’s going to lead to something,
but it never does,

except disappointment.

it really sucks knowing you were a rebound, every feeling, every kiss, was for someone else.

This is a quote I found on a Skrillex music video. Normally I wouldn’t quote anything found in youtube’s comments, but this particular statement has been used by so many people on the internet against Skrillex in particular, that I just felt like I needed to post something about it.


The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) - Synth Cover

The next person I see posting the Vinyl VS Digital argument is going to have a steel chair thrown at them. Years later since the likes of CDJ’s, Serato & Midi Controllers have been introduced, idiots are still flogging this argument to death.

No one will ever agree, therefore people need to STFU…

Bass, bass, buttery bass, I like the buttery biscuit bass!!!!!!